Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings – What You Need to Know Before Buying Them

An engagement ring is simply a ring indicating that the guy wearing it is already married, particularly in Western societies. An engagement ring is usually presented by a bride to her future husband or directly following a marriage proposal. Usually, this ring can also be given as a gift to someone she knows who is about to get married as well. Engagement rings are also given as tokens of love for life and loyalty. It symbolizes the eternal circle of love between two people.

The history of engagement rings dates back to the ancient Roman Empire when it was customary for a man to present his future bride with a gold wedding band, similar to what today’s rings are made of. Gold was a symbol of luxury and high status in those times and was used to show the degree of relationship the couple had. Gold rings are still popular among many couples on their wedding day. Even though white gold is more popular, it can still look stunningly beautiful and it’s more affordable too.

Engagement rings have evolved over time so that now, there are two types: one is the band which is worn on the left hand while the other one is the one which is worn on the right hand. This is because in the early times, when the meaning of the ring was linked to the spiritual belief of the wearer, left hand ring was more common than right hand ring. And since then, the left hand ring has been gradually evolving so that nowadays it can be worn by people of any age. The reason why left hand is more common is because the heart is believed to beat towards the centre which is why we know that rings symbolize love and commitment.

Nowadays, you will see various styles and designs of engagement rings for men. And for women, there are plenty of choices as well. But you need to remember that there are certain fundamentals which are important when buying a wedding ring for your loved one. These are the four Cs: colour, cut, clarity and carat. Of these, the carat is the most significant factor in choosing wedding rings for women. The more carat the better and the more expensive the wedding ring.

In terms of colour, most men choose a plain yet elegant wedding band to wear on the left hand while the women mostly go for some vibrant and eye-catching gemstones to adorn the right hand of their beloved bride. Pink, black, green, blue and yellow are some of the most popular stones that are often used in men’s engagement rings. In fact, a lot of men even prefer platinum wedding bands which are very durable and everlasting. And of course, every bride would want to wear diamond engagement rings.

The cut of the ring matters a lot too and there are different types of cuts which are more popular among men and women. For example, the round brilliant cut is popular with men while a square brilliant cut is preferred by women. Then, the style of the ring also plays a crucial role in choosing engagement rings for women. The traditional and simple wedding rings are usually worn by women while the more stylish and extravagant ones are opted by men.

Finally, you should also take into account the price of the diamonds you are going to use in your engagement rings. While a diamond may cost you some hundred dollars, a single carat gold ring may cost you thousands of dollars. And if you are looking to buy affordable wedding rings, then you should settle for the diamonds and gemstones of lower prices. You can always find diamond wedding rings which are sold at a fraction of the cost.

All said and done, engagement rings and wedding rings are designed similarly. They are basically designed to accentuate and complement each other and not to stand out and dominate the entire look. The best part about having an engagement rings and wedding band is that you can wear both of them on the same finger or together. So if ever you feel like changing your look and style from time to time, then settle for these two rings and make your experience all worthwhile.

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