How to Choose an Aromatherapy Certification Program

aromatherapy certification

Having a certificate in aromatherapy will help you gain credibility with potential clients. While aromatherapist certification is not mandatory, it is highly beneficial to your career. Certification proves to clients that you have the necessary skills and training to work with aromatherapy products. Here are some tips to help you choose an aromatherapy course. Read on to discover more! You can even choose your own aromatherapy certification program! Here’s how! – Consider Aromatherapy Certification Programs

Anatomy and physiology requirements

The Anatomy and Physiology requirement for aromatherapy certification varies from school to school, but the important differences are the amount of training and testing, and the certification’s expiration date. The more training an aromatherapist has, the more qualified they will be to help others. Even if a person has the certification, that doesn’t mean they are qualified. Aromatherapy certifications aren’t the same as massage therapy licenses and cannot be obtained just because they’ve taken an aromatherapy course.

Taking an aromatherapy certification program requires approximately 200 to 300 hours of study. Students must have completed previous coursework and possess a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In addition, students must pass a comprehensive exam and complete case studies. The program is not based on a recipe-based curriculum. Students must complete case studies and attend all classes. Applicants must also have professional liability insurance.

Course length

The aromatherapy certification course is designed to help students pass the required exams. The course is made up of relevant and credible resources, evidence-based research, and instructors’ own experience. Students are required to take a case study and complete 10 additional case studies before they qualify to take the Level 3 exam. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be certified in aromatherapy. The average length of the course is approximately eight months. The aromatherapy certification course is accredited by the CFA and offers a two-year program.

The certified professional aromatherapy course consists of 14 modules, each broken down into easily-understood lessons. The course is taught by Kelly and Colleen, and includes videos and printable monographs. Students will learn about essential oils’ history, chemistry, botanical description, and therapeutic properties. A student will also learn how to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of different essential oils, and how to properly implement them in clinical practice.


You can pursue your certification in aromatherapy through a number of different resources. Some aromatherapy certification programs are accredited by governing bodies, including NAHA and AIA. While these organizations do not require students to become members, certification will increase your job prospects and let potential clients know that you are a skilled aromatherapist. Listed below are some of these resources. You can also find other helpful information on aromatherapy and its benefits. The following is a brief overview of the various certification options available.

If you have the motivation, you can also earn your certification by taking an online aromatherapy course. The training course will last approximately two years. It will require at least two hundred hours of study. You will need to take your time to complete the course. The courses will include online coursework, home studies, tests, a research paper, and several different types of projects. Along the way, you’ll also be expected to complete case studies, which are basically full workups and intake forms from actual clients. You will also be expected to write a treatment plan for each case.

Requirements for certification

There are some basic requirements for aromatherapy certification. First, aromatherapists must become members of an association that is approved by the Aromatherapy Registration Council. Once a member of an association, an aromatherapy student can apply to take the certification examination. The ARC will confirm the individual’s qualification and set an exam date. The next step is to submit documentation proving the training, an application form, and a signed Candidate Consent Form. Registered aromatherapists have additional obligations, such as agreeing to ARC’s disciplinary policies.

A level 2 aromatherapy certification typically takes about 200 hours to complete. During this time, students should take as much time as necessary to understand the material and apply it in their own practices. Course work includes online courses, home studies, tests, and research papers. Students must also complete case studies, a type of full workup similar to what would be done in a clinic. Upon completion, students must pass an exam administered by the school.

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