Phase 1 of GARP

The first phase of the Grand Avenue Rail project will connect the future Phoenix Metro light rail station at Washington Street and 7th Avenue to the 17th Avenue gate of the Arizona State Fairgrounds by way of Lower Grand Avenue, an overall length of 1.5 miles.

The majority of the alignment will share the center left turn lane on Grand with automobile traffic. The streetcar rails will not require a dedicated lane as the light rail line does. The trolley cars run with normal street traffic.

Stops will be located at about 1000 foot intervals and will board in the center of the street at a pedestrian crosswalk and platform.

The Phoenix Trolley Museum will be relocated to 1119 Grand Avenue, about mid-way in the length of the Phase I line. The facility will include a rehabilitated historic building for the museum exhibits and a new trolley shed for maintenance and display of several cars.

The proposed extent of the Phase I project offers several park-and-ride opportunities to connect drivers with the Grand Avenue Arts and Small Business District and downtown Phoenix. Patrons could park at the State Fairgrounds or in the shade of the I-10 overpass above Grand Avenue and ride a streetcar to their destination. For events occurring at the fairgrounds, the system could operate in reverse with parking in downtown garages.

Connection to the planned Light Rail station at 7th Avenue and Washington/Jefferson will contribute to multi-modal transportation opportunities.

Grand Avenue Rail Project

Phase 1 Plan Diagram

The Grand Avenue Rail Project - Phoenix, Arizona

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